Assembly of Lightweight and Multi-Material Systems

报告题目:Assembly of Lightweight and Multi-Material Systems

报告人 :Jingjing Li, Professor, Pennsylvania State University; ASME fellow.

报告时间:2023.11.02 (周四)上午9:30



Increasing environmental concerns and demands for high-performance products drive the needs for manufacturing dissimilar materials structures with tailored properties. However, fabricating these structures by conventional fusion welding is challenging. The generation of brittle phases (i.e., intermetallic compounds) is a significant concern and could negatively impact weld integrity, strength, and reliability. This talk will review Dr. Li’s recent work on creating dissimilar materials structures through additive manufacturing and different welding methods. In particular, she will focus on interfacial bonding mechanisms, defect generation, and the development of process-structure-property relations. She will also introduce new material characterization techniques developed by her group.

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